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Why Infosec Nepal Started ?

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To address the Computer Security Concerns of Nepalese Internet users and minimize the probability of successful attacks and the risk of consequential damage. Information Security Response Team Nepal works closely with law enforcement agencies such as the Nepal Police, Department of IT, Bankers, ICT Council, ISP, CAN Federation, ICT Association of Nepal, Computer Security incident responses teams and various computer security initiatives Worldwide. Information Security Response Team Nepal was formed on January 21, 2016 and started its full operation on 1st September, 2016.

Our Objectives: –
•    Improve Information Security Awareness level
•    Coordinate national and international efforts towards promoting Information Security
best practices and creating trust among cyber world.
•    Promoting and supporting a trusted e-transactions environment.
•    Information Security Skills and capacity building.

The Founder Director of Information Security Response team Nepal  are as follows:

Chiranjibi Adhikari

Kumar Pudasaini

Sudip Sharma

Narayan Chhetri

Niranjan Khakurel

Sovita Dahal

Rabin Subedi

Dilli Pd. Sharma

Netra Poudel

Arjun Adhikari

RamKrishna Dahal

Fore update:

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