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Sony’s $30,000 4K projector is its crowning CES achievement

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If your home theater setup is so advanced and pricey that you scoff at the thought of buying a high-end OLED TV, Sony has the perfect thing for you. Tonight at CES, the company announced the 4K Ultra Short Throw Projector (LSPX-A1). It ships this spring for $30,000. That’s a $5,000 increase from the fanciest projector that Sony launched at last year’s show.

The LSPX-A1 is meant to sit 9.6 inches from the wall onto which you’ll be projecting a 4K image that can stretch up to 120 inches. The laser projector reaches a peak brightness of 2500 lumens.

Just connect Sony’s $30,000 projector to your preferred 4K content source — such as the $99 Roku Ultra, a $179 Apple TV 4K, or your favorite 4K Blu-ray player — and the LSPX-A1 will utilize Sony’s “unique 4K SXRD projection and HDR technology” to beam out 4K video “with unprecedented detail, color and contrast.”

But the picture side of things isn’t the only story here. Sony’s expensive projector also features a Glass Sound Speaker that generates 360-degree audio. It contains two organic glass tweeters installed on the front legs, three midrange speakers, and a separate subwoofer. The center speaker is designed to bounce off the wall the projector is facing as a method of enhancing audio performance.

But a stunning, immersive viewing experience isn’t all that you get when you step up to this echelon of living room projector. Anything that costs $30,000 can’t exactly slump on design, and here’s what Sony says buyers can expect:

With the engineered marble top, half mirror finished aluminum frame, and wooden shelf, the LSPX-A1 enriches your living environment while complementing its décor. The premium furniture-like design blends into your living space and appears as an attractive piece of furniture rather than a component-heavy entertainment system. The thoughtful design of the rear cover allows for easy cable management to conceal connectors hidden within.

The LSPX-A1 comes with a companion remote control with “minimal buttons.” If you’re resigned to the fact that you’ll probably never personally own this thing, it’ll be on display for demo purposes at Sony’s New York City retail shop.

-The Verge

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