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Objectives and Mission of NITC

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  • Make information technology accessible to the general public and increase.
  • Employment through this means.
  • Build a knowledge-based society.
  • Establish knowledge-based industries.
  • Implementation of E-governance in Nepal.


  • Common Infrastructure for Seamless Network Backbone up to village level
  • Secured network
  • Providing seem less ICT consultation service
  • Ensure the smooth integration of new technologies into social & economic development
  • Improve information knowledge capacity
  • Determine the likely impact of ICT on economy & society through payment gateway, e- licensing


Facilitating ICT enabled Delivery of all Government Services(G2G,G2B & G2C etc.) from traditional modes to integrated electronic modes wherein the value to the citizens and businesses gets enhanced


The information technology strategies adopted to accomplish the above-mentioned objectives of rapid development and expansion of information technology in a fair and competitive environment shall be the following:

  • ICT Infrastructure creation for e-Governance like
    -Government Integrated secured network
    -GIDC with DRC and multiple load balancers
    -Government integrated mail, CMS & payment gateway system
  • Implementation of e-Governance Applications
  • Technology Exploration and Deployment
  • Technology assessment & forecasting(providing environment for responsive information system)
  • Capability Building for faster, cost effective, quality delivery of e-Governance services
  • Carry on research, develop and expand information technology with a high priority to participation of the private sector.
  • Prepare capable manpower with the involvement of both public and private sectors for sustainable development and expansion of information technology.
  • Encourage native and foreign investment for the development of information technology and infrastructure pertaining to information technology.
  • Legalize and promote e-commerce.
  • Assist in e-governance by using information technology. Utilize information technology in the development of rural areas. Promote information technology industries.
  • Enhance professional efficiency through the use of information technology.
  • Enhance professional efficiency through the use of information technology.
  • Expand the information technology network to the rural areas.
  • Establish Nepal in the international market in information technology.


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