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Ntc All Set to Launch Namaste Credit Service

561 Views Wednesday, February 7th, 2018 at 12:28 pm   (4 years ago)   Feature Image, ICT News

On the occasion of their 14th anniversary, Ntc announces credit service as Namaste credit. Namaste Credit is one of the first announcement for Ntc anniversary offer. Ntc makes a soft launch of the credit service in their Anniversary program.

 Minister for Information and Communication inaugurated the Namaste Credit service. He made a call to State Minister through a phone having very less balance. The main objective was to show the continuous call without drop even if the balance is not enough.

When will Ntc launch Namaste Credit fully?

 As known, the service will be available to the customers within a month. The Soft launch is made in their 14th-anniversary program. After thorough testing, Ntc will provide Namaste Credit loan service to all customers.

In a bid to provide additional service to the customers, Ntc is bringing the credit service called Namaste Credit. Namaste Credit will be only available to GSM customers. Hence the brand “Namaste” comes with the service name.

NT will provide the service of adding airtime credit to the subscribers who have less or no balance. With that, the subscribers will be able to continue the calls even if the balance finishes. So, there will no annoying call drops. The good thing is that NT is not going to charge any interest or extra service charge for using this loan Credit service. After the customer recharges its balance, the used amount deducts from the subscribers’ balance. This service comes useful where the recharge cannot be done and it’s urgent to make a call with your near and dear ones.


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