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How to make Mobile faster – 4 Quick Tips!

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Carrying slow phone is something that makes your day worse. We know many of you are facing slow phone problems, which is actually a big trouble. Keeping these things in mind we have planned to write something that will help you to make your mobile faster.

Here are the 4 Quick tips that will make your device faster.

Reduce animation and transition effects:

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You don’t really need this effect so just go to settings- Developer Options- change Windows Animation Scale, Transition Animation Scale, and Animator Duration Scale to off mode.

Remove Widgets:

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The other way to make your device fast is remove the widget. Widgets displays live information and keep fetching internet data and feeding to you on the home screen It does not only consume battery but also eats up resources. Remove them if you don’t use them and get rid of it.

Restart power off:    

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This may sound really lame but trust me once a week you should this. It flushes your cache and memory which makes your mobile faster.

Custom Launchers:

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This one is very helpful. Add customer launcher; install maybe Nova launcher or Apex launcher, all these launchers are optimized to perform ready well on your device. Install one of these launchers and trust me you will see a huge difference.

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