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743 Views Monday, August 21st, 2017 at 11:11 am   (4 years ago)   ICT News, Technology is a business motive page for promoting Rental services of Land, Room, Building, Apartments all around Nepal. It allows people to search and book properties from a database of updated categorical lists, within a range that best suits their budget as well as location, and in the same way, sell their properties.


Our cutting edge system aims to benefit our customers in a lot of ways. For once, it ridicules the same old tiresome process of having to physically travel from one place to the other, in the never-ending  quest for the perfect home. We provide all that to you, within a single click. What could be more satisfying to a customer than being able to get the property he has been looking for, without any extra burden or razzle-dazzle third party commissions? We protect our customers from all this, and provide them the service with a best possible experience.


Our digital system offers tenants and customers to set preferences for location as well as budget, as per their need. An owner of a property can post, manage, modify and delete properties from his free account.  In addition to this, he can also view the list of the applicants and place his property to ‘Booked’. A user can surf, search and book a property, effortlessly, via laptop, tablet or even more comfortably, with his cell phone. One unique feature that distinguishes us from the rest of others is the “Notify Room” section, which notifies the customers whenever a new property, matching to their requirement,  is posted on our website. is a website designed to reshape the conventional pattern of rental solution in Nepal. It is not a business site but rather a facilitatory service, dedicated to our customers. Our success lies solely on our customer’s satisfaction, and we are always working towards maintaining it, 24/7. is here for you !

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