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CSIT Students protest against government’s Authorization

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Students related to Information and Technology have been protesting on the issue of the government’s authorization of deducting legislative seats for IT officers and adding computer engineers.

The CSIT Association of Nepal, Computer Science Alumni Association, and Computer Science Student Association has said that they will come up against the government’s decision.

The Council of Ministers sitting on April 17 decided to add 21 computer engineers’ bonds by cutting down the contract of 19 computer officers of 19 departments while setting up organization and structure of organization of 34 departments and departments of the department level.

More than 2,000 students’ graduate and more than 200 students have passed in postgraduate level on computer science and Information technology from Tribhuvan University, including other universities in Nepal. Although the demand for this subject is increasing every day, the students complain that the government has not given proper attention to its reform.

– ICT Frame

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