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Canada’s Immigration Website Crashed As Donald Trump Won The Election

725 Views Thursday, November 10th, 2016 at 3:03 pm   (5 years ago)   ICT News

Trump takes 276 electoral votes to 218 for Hillary Clinton

Donald Trump’s victory assured to have widespread impact of America’s financial policies and its relationship with the world.

A Strange and rare incident happened last night when the US election results started to flow in. Canada’s immigration website was crashed. Some people are still facing problems right now to access the website.

The official website for “Citizenship and Immigration Canada” had completely stopped working a few hours ago, apparently because of a huge number of people are looking to emigrate to the country from south of the border.

The CIC website offers different methods to apply either to live in or to become a citizen of Canada and provides some information on how to gain the citizenship. However, the visitors were greeted with an error message which describes.

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