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How To Browse Blocked Websites ?

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When you set out to look for something online, be it your office research or your school homework, it seems that the whole existence is out to stop you from getting there. You finally find a site, only to be led to an error/broken link page. Sometimes, meanwhile, you know that the site is blocked by the authority (most of the times for good reason), and it just won’t open. Accessing them can be a headache. Here is a list of alternatives that migh be useful not just for bypassing such blockages, but for other purposes as well.

Anonymous Browsing

This is not just useful for browsing sites blocked by your ISP or by other authorities , but also useful for keeping you safe. Anonymous browsing will hide you under Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak while you surf around the web-leaving no traces behind. There are tonnes of free proxy websites that you can use,, are some of the popular free “anonymisers”. When you open one of these sites, you’ll find a place to enter the URL of the page you want to anonymously visit. Once you enter that URL, the proxy site will display that website within its own website meaning your browser will still be pointing to ‘’ (or the other ones) while you browse another site below.

Search Engine Cache

If you don’t know about Google Cache or Yahoo Cache for that matter, then it’s high time that you did. You surely must have noticed that “Cached” link right below most search result when you use Google or Yahoo to search for something. The thing is that Google and Yahoo have each sort of downloaded the entire internet to their data centre. Now because webpages are dynamic in the sense that they keep on changing, Google and Yahoo keep on uploading all the webpaged that they have downloaded, meaning they download a site every few days. Because they keep a copy of the sites, even if the actual site is down and out, you still access that stripped down version of the site using the ‘Cached’ button in Google and Yahoo’s search result. It’s that simple!

The Internet Archive

This is your library of webpages, so to speak. If you visit, you’ll notice that these guys store each website (sadly not the entire website, just important portion of it) and have archived mre than 150 billion pages. What does this mean for is? Greater access. A site might have gone bust year ago and these guys could still dig it up for you. Just log on to , type the URL of the webpage you want to go to, and click on ‘Take Me Back’ . If you want, check out, the predecessor to on the ‘Way Back Machine’.


Web2Mail is an interesting little tool that lets you do cool stuff right through your email. You wouldn’t even have to visit the actual page itself. All you have to do is send an email to with the URL of the page you want to visit in your subject line. Within minutes, you’ll receive a reply with the actual webpage, righ in you inbox! The best part is that you can even suscribe to any changes, meaning if the website of your liking is updated, you will be notified by email through Web2Mail.

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