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5 YouTube hidden secrets which you probably don’t know

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Hey folks, today we have a very interesting thing for you all. We are totally going talk about YouTube on this post. YouTube has been a kind of a second house for us. This post will increase your information on YouTube because we are posting a few hidden secrets about the YouTube which you probably don’t know before.

  1. Shortcut Keys:

If you press a letter ‘K’ it will stop your video, ‘J’ will rewind a video by a 10 seconds interval,’ L’ fast the video by a 10 seconds interval, ‘M’ mutes the audio, ‘Shift + N’ will skip you to the next video on the queue line and ‘Shift+ P’ will take you to the previous video.


    If you will type it will automatically take you to the web from where you can download YouTube videos.



If you will type it will allow you to create gif from YouTube videos.



Typing this URL will let you test upcoming YouTube features, you can find out what’s gonna be updated before anyone else does.


  1. Listen on repeat.

Ever been so infatuated with a video or a song you found on YouTube that you wanted to play it over and over again, but hated the pesky need to keep pressing the ‘replay’ prompt. There is a pretty simple trick to repeat a video until you close the window and it doesn’t require download of any kind. Simply go to your video‘s URL and delete everything before the ‘YouTube’, now just add the word ‘repeat’ before the “.com”. After pressing enter, you will be able to listen on repeat, which will give you the option to listen or watch your favorite video song until you can recite it word for word.

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