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12 interesting facts about technology

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Technology has been making the human life easier since a very long time ago; in fact, humans have become totally dependent upon technologies. From waking up early to going bed late, there is a very big hand of technology.

There are lots of exciting things regarding technology. So here we present 12 interesting facts about technology:

  1. The founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates was a college dropout.
  2. The average computer user blinks seven times a minute, the normal rate is twenty time per minute.
  3. The first ever VCR, which was made in 1956, was in the size of a piano.
  4. The television took 13 years to reach a market audience of 50 million.
  5. If you need to have your picture taken by the very first camera, you’d need to sit still for 8 hours.
  6. Your Google searches have an ecological effect. Google servers release almost 200 tons of CO2per day performing an estimated 1 billion searches every day.
  7. China has more people using the internet than any other country. Despite only 45.8% of China’s population using the internet.
  8. More than 3 billion USBs are shipped every year.
  9. The first computer mouse was wooden.
  10. Email emerged earlier than World- Wide- Web.
  11. The very first domain name registered, on the 15th March 1985.
  12. Facebook has a blue color scheme because the creator, Mark Zuckerberg cannot see the color red and green.

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