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What is Cloud Computing?

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Cloud computing is a popular computer term which has different interpretations. In computer science by ‘cloud’ is understood a network of computing devices which work together to provide services. More specifically, in web hosting cloud computing means that all web hosting services (web, ftp, mail, etc) run on many different servers ensuring that a failure in one device will not cause a service failure.

The cloud is usually opaque to the end user as the end user does not have to manage the core technology. The end user’s only duty is to use the resources from the cloud on demand and upon predefined terms.

Cloud computing benefits include:

  • Redundant data storage – even if one hard disk fails your data is safe and will continue to be available automatically on another one;
  • Dedicated resources – the latest cloud computing technology ensures that your resources are dedicated to you and not shared to others. This includes RAM and CPU according to the plan you choose.
  • No single point of failure – each part of the service is ensured to be redundant and distributed. This means that there are no hardware problems, nor software problems from the underlying technology.
  • Resource usage efficiency – best options to scale to your usage and naturally pay only what you use.
  • Security – each cloud user can be reliably isolated in his / her own environment. This ensures that security problems will be also isolated in the otherwise shared environment.

In regards to web hosting, cloud hosting users can have an environment simulating a dedicated server. This provides maximum dedicated resources usage and security at a fraction of the dedicated server price.

History of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing history can be tracked back to the early years of computing. One of the first computer concepts was interconnection. Naturally, if two computers are connected, the next step for them is to share resources and form supercomputers. Furthermore, the idea gradually evolved from grid computing and virtualization to today’s highly complex cloud computing technology. After years of testing and debugging, final versions of this technology reached production environments and commercialization began.

The unique benefits of cloud computing have promoted its commercial development and made it a preferred choice for resource-demanding applications which require high reliability within limited budget. In the web hosting industry, cloud computing is suitable for all kinds of sites but its price is higher than the standard web hosting plans.


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