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Things to be considered before buying a laptop

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With the running hours, height of technology has almost touched the sky. There are many technological innovations that have always flabbergasted the people and laptop is one of them.

Laptop is something that is useful for everyone; a teacher, student, banker, journalist, among others anyone can exercise it.

At present moment many of the heads in this world may be thinking of buying a laptop if you are one of those you must visit this post because it includes the tips that you should consider while acquiring the laptop. Trust me this is going to be fruitful enough for you.

Here are few features that everyone should know before purchasing a laptop.


Most people buy laptop for portability.  Carrying a heavy laptop around all day can take a toll on your arms and shoulders. Notebooks that weigh 3.5 pounds or less are much easier to bear. Those that weigh less than 3 pounds feel like they are barely there in your bag.

Screen Size

Screen is another important factor that affects a laptop’s size and weight.  Small ultraportables usually have a screen size of 13 inches or less. Laptops with small screens can weigh as little as 2 pounds, definitely a big advantage for those who need to bring their laptops everywhere. Larger screen size laptops are generally preferred by photo/video editor.


Processor is the main engine of laptop. Around 80% of new PCs and over 90% of laptops have Intel processors. Intel’s processor line-up is far from simple. After looking numbers of reviews on laptop processor, I personally suggest you to buy a laptop with Intel processor.


RAM stands for Random Access Memory,   is a form of computer data storage computer data storage that stores data  and machine code currently being used. The more RAM a laptop has, the more tasks it can perform at the same time without freezing. The advantage about laptop RAM is that most users can upgrade the RAM themselves by purchasing from the manufacturer or third-party sources.

Hard Drive

Hard Drive is a data storage device that uses magnetic storage to store and retrieve digital information using one or more rigid rapidly rotating disks (platters) coated with magnetic material. Most people want the largest hard drive possible to store gigantic amounts of photos, videos, and songs on their computers. However, capacity is not the only thing that is important when buying hard drives. Speed is another consideration, as users want to make sure they can record and access their data speedily.






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