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List of Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in Nepal

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List of Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in Nepal

List of Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in Nepal

Given the number of Internet Service Providers (ISPs) currently available, choosing the right ISP can turn into a real headache. Whether it is the first time you are getting a personal internet connection or switching to a new internet service provider because the ISP you are currently engaging with is just not good enough, or you are fed up with sharing an internet connection with someone who is not very co-operative: you have got yourselves a job in your hands to choose “The Right Nepali Net”.


Let’s look at some of the famous Internet Service Providers in the Nepalese market.

  1. Worldlink
  2. Vianet
  3. ClassicTech
  4. Subisu
  5. Nepal Telecom
  6. Ncell
  7. Broadlink
  8. OTEL
  9. WebSurfer Nepal
  10. Mercantile Communications


Worldlink is the second largest Internet Service Provider in Nepal only after the public provider Nepal Telecom (NTC).

Current Offers

Package Offers (excluding VAT)

Service Plans 5 Mbps 10 Mbps 50 Mbps
3 months 12 months 1 month 12 months 1 month 12 months
Price/Renewal 3600 12000 1400 15960 3500 39900
Installation Charge 500 Free 1000 Free 1000 Free
Turbo Speed 5 Mpbs200 GB* 5 Mbps1000 GB 10 Mbps130 GB 10Mbps2000 GB 50 Mbps530 GB 50 Mbps7980 GB
Unlimited Speed 512 Kbps* 512 Kbps 1 Mbps 1 Mbps 1.5Mbps 1.5 Mbps
Total Package Price 4100 12000 2400 15960 4500 39900


* The 200 GB is a collective pack for 3 months. After you have used up 200 GB of data, your speed will fall to 512kbps.


Unlimited Offers

Service Plans 2Mbps Unlimited 6 Mbps Unlimited
3 months 12 months 3 months 12 months
Price/Renewal 3900 13800 1800 19200
Installation Charge 500 Free 1000 Free
Total Package Price 4400 13800 2800 19200


Other installations options are also available. But I could not include them all here. Check out their page for more service packs.


The fiber installations currently do not have MAC binding property. And they also allow only alphabetical letters and numbers for passwords. No Special Characters.

They also do not give the choice of switching the turbo speed on and off.


Established in 1995, worldlink has been able to provide its services to 63 of the 75 districts of Nepal.

Helpline: 9803523052


Vianet has been around for a long period of time which is beginning to do very well courtesy of their FiberNet introduced in 2011. In the years after 2011, Vianet has won over the heart of their customers.

Current Offers

Service Pack 1 month 3 months 12 moths
Pro (5 Mbps)1 Mbps Default

Unlimited @ 512 Kbps

1300120 GB 3900420 GB 117001800 GB
Plus (10 Mbps)1 Mbps Default

Unlimited @ 1 Mbps

1600200 GB 4800700 GB 144003000GB
Rush (5 Mbps)1 Mbps Default

Unlimited @ 1.5 Mbps

1800300 GB 54001050 GB 162004500 GB

ONU Device Rental of 25oo rupees is applied for 1-month subscribers, 1000 for 3 months subscribers and waived off for 12-month subscribers.

A refundable amount of 2500 might also be applicable.


They have put in a very interesting referral service to their customers. If any of their customers refers somebody to use Vianet, they get one-month free internet subscription. That is a very good marketing strategy. I must confess.


Helpline: 01-42175559801046410

Classic tech

Classic tech is an ISO certified Internet Service Provider in Nepal. The self-proclaimed best ISP’s services recently came under scrutiny for poor customer support and a lot of problems.


Especially, the new customers complained about their services. The old ones (among whom is one of my personal friends) apparently had no problems. But everything seems to be fine at the moment.

Current Offers

Plans/Duration 1 month 3 month 12 months
1 Mbps unlimited 1300/m 1100/m 899/m
3 Mbps unlimited 1400/m 1300/m 999/m
6 Mbps unlimited 1700/m 1650/m 1349/m
15 Mbps 1600/m 300GB 1500/m 1100GB 1167/m 3100GB

Installation charge is free. A refundable amount of 2000 is applied. And the costs, of course, are exclusive of VAT.

Helpline: 977-1-4785909/ 9801006633


Subisu is a relatively old player in the fields of internet provider in the country. But their growth has phased out a little bit in the recent time.

Current Offers

Plans Fallback Speed Validity and Price
1 month 3 month 6 month 12 month
2 Mbps Unlimited 1600 4650 9000 16800
2 Mbps 384 kbps 1500/ 40 GB 4350/ 130 GB 8400/ 270 GB 15600/550 GB
5 Mbps Unlimited 2300 6750 13200 25200
5 Mbps 512 kbps 1600/70 GB 4650/ 220 GB 9000/ 460 GB 16800/ 950 GB
3 Mbps unlimited 2000 5850 11400 21600

They provide a very interesting service. If you are going out somewhere for a week and you want to PAUSE your subscription, you can contact them. And voila, your subscription is paused!

Helpline: 977014235888/ 9801235888

Nepal Telecom

Nepal Telecom is a state run public telecom and internet service provider in Nepal. The once standard setters in the ISP market of Nepal is struggling to cope with the fast pace growth of internet providers in Nepal.


Many of their previous clients are switching to other Internet Service Providers in Nepal. The service has not gone bad. But it has not improved! But they are very good when it comes to sharing.

Current Offers

ADSL Internet Service

ADSL Speed Monthly rate for the Internet 3 Month Package 6 Month Package 1 year
192 Kbps 900.00 2,700.00 5,400.00 10,800.00
384 Kbps 1,500.00 4,500.00 9,000.00 18,000.00


Data Packages GSM Mobiles

Data Package Tariff (Rs) Validity
10 MB 8 2 days
50 MB 35 10 days
200 MB 130 1 month
500 MB 300 1 month
1 GB 500 1 month
3 GB 1,290 2 months
5 GB 1,800 3 months
10 GB 2,800 6 months


The Nepal telecom internet is available in all 75 districts. They are currently working on introducing optical fiber.


Helpline: 97715010722


Ncell, as we all know, is much of a telecom provider than an internet service provider. But they do provide a very good internet service. Had they not slapped hefty price to customers, Ncell probably will have been one of the best wireless internet service providers in Nepal.

Current Offers

Packs Price
1 GB data included for 3G speed 699
5 GB data included for 3G speed 1999
10 GB data included for 3G speed 2999


These prices are really over the roof. Dial *17123# and follow the instructions if you really don’t care about money.

Helpline: 9805554445


Broadlink probably is the first major WiFi service provider in Nepal. Correct me if I’m wrong.

Current Offers

Vintage Robust Platinum
Time 1 Moth 3 months 12 months 1 Moth 3 months 12 months 1 Moth 3 months 12 months
Price 1632 4896 19584 2197 6591 26364 3327 9981 39924
Speed upto 3 Mbps 5 Mbps 10 Mbps
Free International calls worth Rs 200 Rs 300 Rs 500
Unlimited use @ 256Kbps @ 384Kbps @ 512Kbps


Helpline: 9801453020/ 97715184220


OTEL are relatively the new boys in the ISP market of Nepal. They have fairly attractive charges at the moment.

Current Offers

Service Plans 1 Month 3 Months 6 Months 1 Year
1 Mbps unlimited Rs 1050 Rs 2993 Rs 5670 Rs 10000
2 Mbps unlimited Rs 1250 Rs 3563 Rs 6750 Rs 12000
5 Mbps unlimited Rs 1600 Rs 4560 Rs 8640 Rs 15360


An additional cost of 100o rupees is waived for the ONU router for those who subscribe their service for less than a year.


Review Ratings: 1.6 from 41 google reviews

Helpline: TOLL-FREE 1660-01-00005

WebSurfer Nepal

WebSurfer has been around the fringes of the Internet Service Providers in Nepal. But till date, they have not been able to attract the customers as they would have liked to.


They do extensive R&D (Research and development) to make breakthroughs in Internet-related Applications.

Current Offers

Home Packages

Service Plans 1 Month 3 Months 6 Months 1 Year
1/5/10 Mbps Fall back 384 Kbps* Rs 1300 Rs 3900 Rs 7410 Rs 14040
15/20/30 Mbps Fall back 512 Kbps Rs 1600 Rs 4800 Rs 9120 Rs 17280


  • Installation charge NRs. 3000/-
  • ONU (Optical Network Unit) Router Rental Charge NRs. 3000/-
  • Above quoted costs are exclusive of 13% VAT
  • Security Deposit NRs. 2000/- (Refundable)
  • Installation and Router Rental Charge is waived for yearly subscription
  • Customer can choose bandwidth according to their need
  • No router rental charge for yearly subscription


SOHO (Small Office Home Office) Packages

Service Plans 1 Month 3 Months 6 Months 1 Year
1 Mbps Rs 2000 Rs 6000 Rs 12000 Rs 24000
2 Mbps* Rs 2500 Rs 7500 Rs 15000 Rs 30000
3 Mbps Rs 3500 Rs 10500 Rs 21000 Rs 42000

Installation charge NRs. 2000/-

ONU (Optical Network Unit) Router Rental Charge NRs. 2000/-

VAT amount 13% is exclusive of the charges above

Security Deposit NRs. 1000/- (Refundable)

No router rental charge for yearly subscription


Web Surfer was founded on 2001 by a young group of enthusiasts and entrepreneurs. They currently provide their services to 23 different districts in Nepal.
Helpline: 977-1-5199093

Mercantile Communications

Mercantile is actually one of the first Internet Service providers of in Nepal. The organization has been around for more than 20 years. They began to provide internet service to Nepalese customers when the internet was still in its infancy, even in the US.

Current Offers

Plans Consumer Broad-brand Econet Consumer Broad-brand infinity
384 Kbps 1327 1800
512 Kbps 2000 3000
768 Kbps 2655 4500
1 Mbps 3100 5500


A non-refundable charge 0f 2000 is levied on installation and payment of 3 months should be done upfront for all schemes. And the cost is no surprisingly are exclusive of VAT.


Helpline: 977-1- 4445920, 4440773

The Last Word

Worldlink and Vianet are beginning to take a firm grip of the ISP market in Nepal with ClassicTech and Subisu their nearest competitions. And I imagine it’s not for nothing- their services must be good.


ADSL is getting pushed to the fringes by its competitors.Unless you are living in a remote area where other providers are not available, I suggest you not to go for it. There are far better plans provided by other ISPs for the exact same price.


Other registered Internet Service Providers who have not yet made their mark on wide Nepali consumers are:


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