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Humanoid robot Sophia to speak in Nepal on today

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World’s one and only humanoid robert Sophia is visiting Nepal on today. Sophia will present a keynote address at the conference.

The human robot is part of the United Nations Development Programme’s conference on “Technology for Public Services/Development” on March 21.

According to the press statement issued by UNDP “The program will have two components: a seminar and an innovation fair. The seminar will introduce robot Sophia, UNDP’s first non-human Innovation Champion, and a range of speakers. This will include Sophia’s keynote, her interaction with the participants, and presentations from well-known innovators in Nepal. The presentations will try to cover a wide range of areas, with special focus on examples of how technology could be leveraged for promotion of better governance and improved public services”.

Image: UNDP official website

Meet Sophia

Sophia, a humanoid robot designed by Hanson Robotics, is UNDP’s first-ever Innovation Champion. She is championing the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals, in Asia and the Pacific with a focus on innovation. Experts believe that artificial intelligence such as Sophia marks the coming of the fourth industrial revolution and will bring about a dramatic shift in how technology can help solve some of development’s most intractable problems.

Sophia, now two and a half years old, uses voice- and face-recognition technology combined with artificial intelligence to carry on conversations with humans. She was first introduced to the United Nations in October this year, when she engaged in a brief conversation with the United Nations Deputy Secretary-General, Amina J. Mohammed.


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