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Gmail to use Artificial Intelligence for composing mail

663 Views Sunday, May 13th, 2018 at 1:47 pm   (3 years ago)   Feature Image, ICT News

Google is launching a new Gmail feature called Smart Compose that uses artificial intelligence to make simple suggestions when a user writes an email.

The idea of a smart compose builds off a previous feature Google had called Smart Reply that would suggest three different replies when you got a new email.

The Smart Compose tool can suggest someone’s name based on who you are sending the email to, give you suggestion for greetings or closings and also help with questions you might ask in your email as well.

The smart compose isn’t going to fundamentally change the way you write email, but it did save us a little bit of time in testing and also kind of made using email more fun said Jillian D’ Onfro  CNBC Technology Reporter.

If you are interested in trying the feature simply go to your Gmail setting and navigate to where it says “experimental access” and click the box.

This feature reflects Google’s largest effort to insert Artificial Intelligence into its products to make them more efficient to use reports CNBC.

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