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General Information About Softech Foundation Pvt. Ltd.

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With the belief of facilitating and delivering high quality solutions to meet the growing technological needs; Softech Foundation was laid in the year 2007 A.Dwhich is currently situated at Mid-Baneshwor, Kathmandu, Nepal. Since its establishment, the company is providing software solutions, IT related trainings, IT related consultations, GIS related solutions, outbound telesales, digitization and many more services related to IT.

Softech Foundation designs, develops, maintains and delivers software as asolution to improve the efficiency of operations of government and private agency.The companyleverages a powerful blend of the best industry-proven practices and follows leading standard process to deliver best services to their clients. The company serves to meet the toughest challenges of their clientsby deep market understanding to refine business acumen with the help of profound technical skills and extensive hands-on experience team.Softech team always focuses on the improvement of competency in this dynamic IT marketplace and make achievable of the maximum return of the investmentof softech client.

Softech has spread its wings in both public andprivate sector. Thecompany aims to encourage e-governance by making the service more advanced and easy to cope among the stakeholders. With the development of customized software; many government agency are benefited and so are the citizens as they are service consumer.Softechprovides best Digitization (Data and GIS based service) andnow is in the process of becoming a prominent company to provide best outbound call center service.

It surely has team of dedicated personnel who are always working hard behind every project. Our staffs are energetic, dedicated, communicative and friendly with each other which always is a key aspect to maintain sound environment in the company and that will eventually lead to completion of any project successfully.Before starting up any project we have our strategies planned and clear work division is made with all planning, designing, documenting and developing.

Softech Foundation has achieved the honor to be Microsoft Certified Gold Partner, Prometric Test Center and member of Computer Association of Nepal. As a Microsoft Certified Gold Partner, It also  has attained and achieved the honor of Security Solution Competency, Information Worker Solution Competency, Desktop Platform Competency, System Management Competency and Business Intelligence Competency of Microsoft Corporation which has proved the technical expertise and work efficiency on those arenas.

With excellent creativity, great leadership quality, years of experience, amazing team work and clear vision of the future IT solutions ; our company is growing stronger day to day.We have succeeded in living up to the promises but a great deal of the efforts needs to be harnessed to deal with the entire areas we promise. However, it is to the satisfactory level that we have produced the efficient manpower, products, which have made excellent impression in the relevant field.



  1. Service in the government sector: E-governance

Softech Foundation works as a problem solver to many of the government related tasks. As the purpose of serving to e-governance is to enhance good governance, so through the proper use of information technology in government sector, government services will be made available to citizens in a convenient, efficient and transparent manner .

The company SoftechFondation seeks to make all its task easier with the development of its product that will be directly used by government offices. The product will therefore allows to fill up any  form online, interact with personnel, make online payments and many more. Through one integrated e-Government portal, citizens and businesses can avail of various government services, conduct online transactions, access information and interact with various government bodies without standing in long queues, waiting for office hours or handling lot of paperwork, and thus save time and money.


  1. Services to private sector:


The information technology (IT) industry has become one of the most robust industries in the world. IT encompasses all possible aspects of information systems based on computers and telecommunications used often in the context of a business or other enterprise. Today, information technology has become not only a tool to process data and record transactions, but also a competitive weapon that can change an industry’s structure.


Softech foundation has no boundaries set when serving to private sector. Through the development of various tools it has made achieving routine clerical and administrative activities such as processing data related to bookkeeping and accounting activities much easier. And that is not all, it has its hands spread in the sectors  like Hospitals, Colleges and many other  industries.



  1. Services to Public sector

Technology impacts and assists the growth of practically every industry in the present age.Softech Foundation has its role to play in projects like Hotels and rental services as well.

It has created a tool that monitors from the time of reservation until the time customer checks-out of the hotel and everything is recorded with the set of  the data . It really monitors the guest requirement, their likes and dislikes, their wants and satisfaction levels in a readable way that helps the hotel enhance their future services. Likewise in the rental service, it allows people to choose house of their interest in one single click.


  1. Products and its special highlights for e-Governance

It serves in the government sector in the tasks like :

  • FMIS (Financial Management Information System) : It takes care of the tasks like accounting, revenue collection, retention.
  • Inventory Management System: Helping  government organizations manage inventory and track assets.


  • Attendance System: Keeping records of staff attendance.


  • Document Management System: Keeping record of inflow and outflow of letter and document, archive storage, storage of data.


SoftechFoundation has successfully built its customized software namely PHIMIS and COPOMIS.


  • PHIMIS stands for Poor Household Identification Management Information System which allows to keep record of House Hold Survey information and process the data and as a result identifies poor household. The system was developed to process data ofHousehold Survey of 25 districts conducted by Ministry of Cooperatives and Poverty Alleviation on 2069 B.S. It delivers result with poor household identification along with various analytical results.


  • COPOMISstands for management and administration of Cooperative Activities and Poverty Alleviation related facilities distribution activities. The system allows online registration of cooperative, submit progress reports of cooperative, keeps tracks of reports for administration and management of cooperatives. The system allows online data capturing and verification of poverty alleviation related facilities distribution activities.


2.Products and its special highlights for Private Sector

College Management System: College Management System is to provide an easy way not only to automate all functionalities of a college, but also to provide full functional reports to top management of college with the finest of details about any aspect of college. This system provides the detail structure of the college campus and its departments. College Management System synchronizes the working of all the departments. It looks on all aspects of a college, its students, faculties, Departments, marks and other co –curricular activities.CMS is the easiest way to manage all functionalities of a college. College Management Software is a simple yet powerful one joint integrated platform that connects all the various departments of an institution like Administration, Attendance, Staff details and many more specialized modules.


Efficient security features provide data privacy and maintains data integrity. You can send email messages and notices to an individual or department. Enables easy modifications, easy collaboration over the internet and offers complete life-cycle management for your business processes. Supports your institution’s daily operations by eliminating duplicate data entry, sharing the most up-to-date information, maintaining a detailed history of essential records. Technology Used: ASP.NET, MSSQL


Hospital Management System : Hospital management System has been designed and developed for Healthcare organizations, to provide the finest automation and messaging systems. It is a comprehensive, integrated information system designed to manage all the aspects of a hospital operation, such as medical, administrative, financial, and legal and the corresponding service processing. Traditional approaches encompass paper-based information processing as well as resident work position and mobile data acquisition and presentation. Many hospitals have decided to adopt one or another Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system to improve their businesses, but implementing an ERP system can be a demanding endeavor. The systems are so difficult to implement that some are successful; many have failed, causing multimillion dollar losses. This knowledge will provide valuable insights for the researchers and practitioners to understand the different process workflows and to make informed decisions when implementing ERP in any hospital. Technology Used: ASP.NET, MVC Framework, MSSQL Server.

This consist of various modules, which are namely,

  • Pre-Registration Module
  • Patient Registration
  • Patient Billing
  • In-Patient Ward
  • Patient Admission & Discharge
  • Pathology
  • Pharmacy
  • Human Resource Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Management Information System


Inventory Management System:

Inventory Management System Software (IMS) is developed intending to avoid manual complication in keeping record of Inventory Type CA and maintaining wholesome A/C of them which enables organizations’ Store Division/Section. This application enables organization to automate the various departments. This application facilitates to keep records of ‘item, item-durable and disposable in and out of the company, Stock I/O, delivery-slip, inspection of items (GroupWise/Individual), Book Value, auction/bid, vehicles logs, item on hire, purchase of item.

Finally, the application delivers all required reports as well as flexible record in a government defined format and can also be customizable.

Feature of Application:
• Purchase Order Form
• Entry Report Form
• Durable Item Ledger
• Disposable Item Ledger
• Handover Form
• Inventory Observation Form
• Rent of Property Record Form
• Log Book of Vehicle
• Demand Form
Technology Used: ASP.NET, MSSQL


  1. Products and its special highlights for Public :Information is the key for decision making in any business, therefore getting the right information at the right time, at the right place and faster makes lot of difference in any business and so especially in Hospitality Business where the decisions are taken instantly in some levels. fulfills all the basic to complex requirements that any hospitality organization should posses. It is an online hotel booking engine where one gets to surf high ranked hotels and short list them according to their budget. It offers plans and best hotels for the tourist during their stay in Nepal. It is completely user friendly and so one can surf place and locations according to their wish in their any device be it mobile, tablets or laptops. There is an option where one can set their priority in advance and get offers similar to them.

It surely is an all in all package to travelerswho are travelling to our beautiful country Nepal.

Facebookpage : :A is a business motive page for promoting Rental services of Land,Room,Building,Apartment around Nepal. It allows people to book houses, surf houses that provide rents which best suits their budget, and likewise sell their house, apartments etc.

With this advanced system, people are surely benefited in many ways. One does not have to travel area after area in search of their perfect house. In fact it is just a click away from them. It surely is a fascinating service to all the people.It allows potential tenants and potential customers of properties to set preferences of location and ranges of money. It has a special feature whichnotifies to tenants and buyer about the properties based on preferences as well as notifies to property owner as when anybody applies their interest for the property.


Outbound Call Center :Our outbound call center is one in which  make outbound calls to customers on behalf of a business or client. Calls made from the center includes telemarketing, sales or fund-raising calls, as well as calls for contact list updating, surveys or verification services. Softech Foundation specifically provide best Tele-sales services where quality of communication etiquette will be highly maintained and even sales ratio will be achieved as agreed.


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