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CAN Info-Tech Chitwan to Commence From Tomorrow

417 Views Wednesday, February 7th, 2018 at 12:06 pm   (3 years ago)   Feature Image, ICT News

After the gigantic success of CAN Info-Tech Kathmandu CAN Federation is back with the news; CAN Info-Tech Chitwan. The CAN Info-Tech Chitwan will kick off from 8th to 12th Feb 2018 ( 25 Magh to Magh 29, 2074).

“The five days event is the package of new advents in technology sectors”, said the officials. They also added the event will have around 100 stalls installed.

CAN Info-Tech is annually organized event that emphasizes on promoting new arrivals in the technology sector. In this event different national and international comes together to feature various technological stuff like new hardware, software, networking solutions, mobile solutions, security systems and among others.

Program Details:

Name of Program : CAN Info-Tech 2018
Venue : Chitwan Expo Center Bharatpur Chitwan Nepal
Date :8th to 12th Feb 2018 ( 25 Magh to Magh 29, 2074)
Duration : 5 days
Organizer : Federation of Computer Association Nepal, Chitwan


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