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CAN Info-Tech 2018, What’s Inside ?

433 Views Sunday, January 28th, 2018 at 1:01 pm   (3 years ago)   Feature Image, ICT News
Prasun Sangroula
Kathmandu, Jan-28

Subisu CAN Info-Tech the largest technology-based gala of Nepal that held from January 25 is totally different this time. Inside CAN you can found a lot of technical stuff that were’t unveiled before. Visiting CAN Info-Tech 2018 made me realized that Nepal has been taking great progression in the field of ICT.

I personally request everyone to visit CAN 2018 because it is hundred percent worthy going there. Inside CAN 2018, different sections can be spotted. Here are the list of sections that has been placed in CAN 2018.

Start-Up Section

CAN federation did not only featured technological things like earlier, they also had put some effort to promote start-up companies. Startups like,, and among others were seen in this section.

Innovation Section

This was another interesting and new section where different innovative things were being demonstrated.’Motika’ a three-wheeled car which runs through bike engine was one of the interesting creation that was featured in this section. With that robot battle was also hosted in the event.

Software Section

CAN Federation has introduced a section for software to help companies promote their company and services.

Media Room

Last but not the least, CAN federation has introduced media room section with an idea of promoting all participants such as students, startups, companies among others by covering their news and articles on daily basis.




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