Samajik College, aspires for next level IT education.

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In this 21st century, the technology has taken a huge space in every sector. It is very hard to found a place where technology has not left its footprints. With the running time technology has contributed significant effect on the way people live, work, and play.

In the present context of Nepal, IT education has got an enormous amount of hype. Students enrolling in IT education is increasing year by year.

There are around 50 colleges in Nepal that facilities IT education and one them is Samjik College which is based in Lokhanthali,Bhaktapur and was established in 2014 A.D (2070 B.S.).

To know more about Samajik College, Pravidhi Asia’s Prasun Sangroula caught up with Dhruba Babu Joshi, Academic Director of Samajik College.

Dhruba Babu Joshi, Academic Director of Samajik College
Photo: Facebook

What is the current status of IT students in Samajik College?

  • At present we have around 120 students. The first batch of the college has already been graduated.

What is the placement status of IT products from Samajik College in the present market?

  • Comparatively our students are doing well in the market. For placement we have developed a kind of training cell. The main role of that training cell is to identify what kind of requirement is current industry seeking with IT learners. With that this hub also works in finding out the opportunities available in the present scene for the IT students.

Why should one enroll in Samajik College for IT education?

  • First of all, ask yourself, what do you want to do? If your answer is IT education then you can think of joining Samajik. One who has a clear vision in making career in IT sector then Samajik could create the best platform for them and beside that we have a veteran team who are very much aware about the present market and its necessities.

Where would you like to see Samjhik’s IT products in future?

  • We just want our student doing best wherever they will be.

What is the status of student’s results in the board exams?

  • Last time it was hundred percent results. Still what I believe is your working skill has to be better than your certificate. Sometimes it does not matter what your credentials reflect; what you can do, what skill do you have is much more important.

How would you describe your classroom or practical labs management style?

  • Our classes are carried out in a usual way i.e. Lecture based. We follow the syllabus designed by Tribhuwan University for exams and test. The more important thing is how you involve students into different kinds of practical activities, for that we have additional courses which connects more with industry. In every semester we provide additional course, so that the students can choose the appropriate field for them self, whether it be coding, networking, data base and among others.

How the ECA activities do runs in the college?

  • As much as with study we are equally serious with games and sports. Being a sports enthusiast, I am very deeply concerned about the importance of games and sports. Games and sports teaches you to work hard and leads you to stand against even in the worst condition of life. We are the first college to organize Inter CSIT College futsal Tournament.

What is the main goal of Samajik College?

  • Education for the future.

What are the Future plans of Samajik?

  • We want to take IT education in new height and very soon we are tying up with foreign university.


The interview ended up with Joshi’s dedicational statement to the entire students that says “If you give comfort now to your life, this life will give discomfort later”





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